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7 reasons why we should all play memory games

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South Africa Memory Game

I love memory games! I think I love everything about them. The boxes, the cards, my childhood memories of playing, and especially the exciting feeling you get when you turn over two cards and get a matching pair! (either by accident or by memory) it really does not change when you are 5 years old, or approaching 40!

Part of the fun and my enjoyment is that it is one of the first games that I can play with my 4-year old son as equal partners (to be honest, I really try not to lose)! While playing the Cape Town words memory game – we practice reading the words on each card (I generally do win that part!) Thanks to the lowercase letters that we use in both the wildlife memory game and the Cape Town memory games, my 5-year-old son can sound out the words and learn to recognise the shapes of the letters. My little one (2 years old) gets just as much enjoyment by looking at the pictures and telling me what it is.

Young and old(er) seem to really enjoy playing memory games and here are the reasons why we should ALL play these games more often:

  1. It is fun
  2. Assist in reaching developmental milestones.
  3. Healthy exercise for your brain
  4. Improves concentration and memory
  5. Enhances the cognitive skills
  6. Boosts the brain functionality
  7. Trains your visual memory
  8. Increases short-term memory

Have an awesome day and do not forget to include some memory gameplay!

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